We go on with the preparation of the Acoustic Guitar Village, Cremona Musica 2021. Many events will take place, between them an extraordinary event on the mandolin!

We go on with the preparation of the Acoustic Guitar Village, Cremona Musica 2021. Many events will take place, between them an extraordinary event on the mandolin!

The activities begin to restart and we did not stop for a moment in the work of preparing the new edition of the AGV in Cremona Musica, September 24-26. The exhibition area is taking shape, with many companies and luthiers still frightened by the closures and economic crisis of the past months, but now the registrations are arriving numerous, with many exhibitors coming from abroad, which is not obvious, but which gives us hope that the international character of the event, even in a difficult time for travel between nations, will not fail! There is a desire to restart and to find ourselves sharing the passion and interest in the acoustic guitar, we must all participate in this rebirth, for the good of the sector and the relaunch of the economy of musical instruments.
We are available for any information regarding the exhibition area for companies and the Vicolo dei Liutai, in order to meet different needs.

The preparation of cultural, educational and entertainment events which are a fundamental part of the AGV also proceeds:
“CREMONA MANDOLINI IN MOSTRA”, a great event for the 2021 edition!
Inside the Acoustic Guitar Village there will be a major national and international event on the mandolin, the small-large stringed instrument of all-Italian tradition.
We will talk about its long history and evolution over time, the lutherie tradition and construction methods, the playing techniques, interpretation and repertoire.
For the first time together the most representative exponents of the national and international mandolin world!
Artistic direction of Master Carlo Aonzo with the collaboration and cultural consultancy of Master luthier Lorenzo Frignani. Collaboration and consultancy of the master luthier Leonardo Petrucci.
Organization and coordination Alessio Ambrosi and Ass. Cult. Armadillo
The program of events includes:

  • Lutherie masterclass for mandolin-making, with the presence of Master luthier Lorenzo Lippi and, via video-conference, Master luthier John Monteleone from the United States, and Master luthier Steve Gilchrist from Australia. With the help and historical-cultural contributions of the mandolinist Massimo Gatti.
    Registration and info at the following link: http://www.acousticguitarvillage.net/en/cremona-2021/2013-editiondidactic-courses/
  • Historical exhibition “Traveling with the Mandolin”, historical and geographical path of one of the musical instruments symbol of the Italian tradition, by the Master luthiers Leonardo Petrucci and Martina Gozzini.
  • Conference “The Golden Age of the Mandolin”, meeting-conference that will allow you to discuss the construction characteristics of the most important and representative manufacturers active between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, as well as the thriving repertoire that emerged in the same period. A prominent era for the mandolin and all its family of voices, that saw the birth of real orchestras and a host of professionals and enthusiasts of this small but wonderful instrument – which went beyond national borders and reached continents all around the world. With Masters Lorenzo Lippi, Ugo Orlandi, Carlo Aonzo, moderated by Master Lorenzo Frignani.
  • Conference “The mandolin: construction techniques and choice of materials”, an adventure between lutherie and scientific research within the project Choice of wood in musical instruments: Italian Red Spruce and traditional mandolins, curated by the master luthiers Federico Gabrielli and Martino Quintavalla.
  • Mini-exhibition of orchestras, plucked ensembles, mandolin clubs from various parts of Italy on the Open Stage 1 outside the Cremona Musica pavilions. The complete program will be published at the following link: http://www.acousticguitarvillage.net/en/cremona-2021/program/
  • Workshops with Master Carlo Aonzo on executive techniques:
    Saturday 25th, h 10-12 AM: “The virtuosic repertoire for solo mandolin” – insight of solo pages; execution and technical solutions (Riggieri, Calace, Milanesi); the academic philological approach vs free interpretation. For expert players
    Sunday 26th, h 2-4 PM: “The modal method: study technique of the mandolin keyboard” – reference patterns; the construction of modal scales as reference models for different musical genres (classical, jazz, bluegrass). For to players of all levels.
    The workshops will take place on the Classic Stage 3, AGV exhibition area, Cremona Musica.
    The conferences, workshops and live exhibitions are free to participate with an entrance ticket to Cremona Musica.
  • Desk for the dissemination of mandolin activities within the AGV exhibition area, managed by the Italian International Mandolin Academy of Carlo Aonzo.
    The conferences, workshops and live exhibitions are free to participate with an entrance ticket to Cremona Musica.
    You can find the complete and updated program on www.acousticguitarvillage.net and www.cremonamusica.com/acoustic-guitar-village/ – info@armadilloclub.org

Other scheduled events:

  • the registrations for the “New Sounds of Acoustic Music” competition for emerging artists have closed, at the end of June we will announce the names of the participants in the final day, Friday 24 September on Live Stage 2.
  • the registrations of musicians and bands continue to the 8th Italian Bluegrass Meeting, coordinated by Danilo Cartia scheduled for Saturday 25 September on Live Stage 2.
  • the program of “Corde & Voci d’Autore” will soon be published, a review of songwriters-guitarists coordinated by Andrea Tarquini, scheduled for Sunday 26 September on Live Stage 2.
  • the Open Stage 1 will be the scene of numerous performances that will see the acoustic guitar and other stringed instruments dialogue with accordions, accordions, bagpipes, wind instruments for spectacular performances of acoustic world-music.
  • Maestro Francesco Taranto is completing the preparatory work for the 4th Convention The Guitar in Italy between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, historical contextualization of the Italian instrument in European development.
  • there will be the presence of the Conservatory of Teramo, with the teachers directed by Maestro Roberto Fabbri.
  • Exhibition of vintage guitars by the Vintage Authority organization.

Without forgetting Cremona Musica Downtown, concerts in the historic center of Cremona, Federico II courtyard, and much more, for three days of market, business, entertainment and fun!
The whole program will always be updated on www.acousticguitarvillage.net

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